Performance Photography

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Truly my favourite genre of photography. There's nothing I enjoy more than photographing actors, singers, dancers, skaters, martial arts etc. Over my years as a photographer this has become one of my niche expertise areas and I am really pleased to say that I have a whole host of performers, teams and schools who I can count as `regulars`. From DJ's to Bands, from Show Girls to Dance Schools.

If you would like me to get involved with your `production` then please get in touch. I offer a No Fee, No Obligation service. Here are a few examples of the services I offer.......

  • Provide cast photographs for programmes/web sites etc.
  • Turn up to your rehearsals and take `reportage` style photos, capturing the preparations from the early nervous days to the final polished dress rehearsals.
  • Costume shoots. These can be done at my fabulous studio or at your location of choice.
  • Assistance with Poster, Flyer or Social media design.
  • Performance Shoots - Whether its the dress rehearsal or the performance itself, I can be there to capture the excitement of the live performances.
  • Sales of the photographs to the performers, families, friends and fans(*).
  • Provide the images for use in advertising, web pages, social media etc.
  • Specialised shoots such as our famous `Dust Dance Weekends`.

If you would like me to visit you to discuss exactly how we can assist you please use the contact page or email me

If you are a charitable organisation, we can usually assist in your fund raising efforts too.

(*) My services are paid for by selling the photographs (Digital and Prints) to the performers, families, friends and fans.


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