Debbie Gilsenan & Family
Dani - Dust Dance
Sylvester Rogers & Family
Rhys & Son
Ella's Prom Portfolio
Jemma Dobson 
Family Photos
Erica Lindley & Family 
Family photoshoot.
Kirsty Inglis - With Poppy
Becky & Shannon 
Photos from Stanley Park
Father's Day - Kim Lovatt
Ruby & Olivia's 12th Birthday Party
Ruby's Photo Shoot
CMDA Show - Viva - 2018 
You will need the password given out at dress rehearsal to view the photos.
Please contact me if you didn't get one.
Olivia's Portfolio
Geoff West
Katie Bradley & Family
Betsy's Portfolio
Melody's Dust Dance
Paul Carroll 
Studio Shoot - March 18
Oliver Oram - Headshots
Joanne Hagon
Horrocks & Norton Family Shoot
Hayley's Favourites
The Crumblehulme Family
New collection
Lola's 10th Birthday Party
Kelsey's Portfolio
Dust Dance Event FEB 18 
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Michelle's Family
Olivia's Mini Portfolio
Mandy & Family
McGurty Family
Donna, Chris & Anna
Fiona Mullany 
Shoot from 2014
Brookes 6th Birthday Party
Victoria & Dani - Headshots
The Pye Family
Rachel Rosser - Lifestyle Shoot 
Lytham Green - Proof Photos
Lauren's Christmas Shoot
Louise Braithwaite - Equine Shoot
BIDCA - Wizard of Oz 2017 
Staining School Nativity Play 2017 
Available to purchase as 6x4in prints or Digital Download - both 3.50
Kerrylee Glass
Melanie Lee & Friends
Helen Stuart
Thomas (School)
Freddie & Joseph
Houston's Christmas Shoot
Becky & Emily Christmas
Sophie Hudson
Laura Bamforth
Vicki's 30th - Fun Shoot 
Free to Download
Kylie Malpus
Sam Surtees
Heather's Family Shoot
Rabbich Family Photos
Olivia's School Photos
Alice's Cake Smash
Adele's Boys
Studio - School Photos 1st Nov 2017
John's Portfolio
Lisa Gratton - Family Portraits
Lyla's First Shoot
Amber Brookes - Ballet Port. (Pre Edit)
Amy Parkinson's Family Photos
Frazer Mundy - Headshots
Hollie Lee - Headshots
Mary's 50th - Photo Booth
Jessica Rose
Finn's Cake Smash
Ron Francis - Headshots
Ashley & Kyle
Fully Charged
Amy's Headshots & Acting Portfolio
The Bates Family
Jason & Steph's Fun Shoot
Jeanette Sandford (Father's Day)
Staining School Leavers Play 2017 
Photographs are available to purchase as prints (2 sizes) and as digital downloads. Part of the proceeds will be donated to the school.

There are a lot more images here, than have been printed for display by the school.
Yewdall Family
Marian/Steve & Family
HLA Prom (Free to Download)
HLA PROM - 30th June 2017 (To Purchase)
Montessori Nursery Photos 
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Sarah's Family
Annie & Family
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Cookney Family Photos
Ruari's First Photoshoot
CMDA - Acro Extravaganza
Shannon Pack
Donna Gillett & Family
Esme's Christmas Photos
Gabrielle's 8th Birthday
Website PDF
Patience's Party
BFCP Peter Pan Photos
Kim & Tom's Wedding Photographs
Please remember these images are straight out of the camera and are not sorted or edited in any manner.
As always I took a rediculous number of photos during the show on Friday night. It would take me far too long to go through them all and remove the ones that are blurred or too dark etc (sorry!) .

This new Gallery should allow you to quickly slide through the whole show and find the pictures you are in........... enjoy .
BIDCA Rehearsal Photos
BIDCA - Alice in Wonderland
Kim & Tom's Wedding Fun Shoot
Jessica & Jayden - Children of the Fylde
Brogan - Children of the Fylde
Children of the Fylde - Ella & Jasmine
Helen Grimshaw - Studio Shoot
Lisa Sergeant & Family
Kate Brownwood & Family
Helen Khanouci & Family
Craig, Lesley & Family
Taylor - Children of the Fylde
Claire Chetts
Stacey Lambert
Alistair & Meg on Lawson's Field
Halloween Night 2016
Madison's Portfolio Shots
Martin & Amanda 
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Lytham `Pre-Wedding` Shoot
Rachael Hallett & Family
Mia & Tara 13th Birthday - Fun Shoot
Rebecka & Nathans Wedding Fun Shoot 
Free Download
Helen Lewis - Stanley Park Lifestyle Shoot 
Fabulous weather at the park that day - perhaps it was a good thing the studio wasn't ready!
Tom & Megan 
At the fabulous Winter Gardens and Stanley Park.

[Lots more photos to follow]
Abigail's Birthday Party 
** REMEMBER - It's only £22 for a disc of ALL the photographs they appear in (Singles and Groups) **
Harry & Leslie's Wedding 
A beautiful wedding at the White Church and the wonderful Dalmeney Hotel.
Millie - Children of the Fylde 
Taken at the fabulous Lowther Gardens in Lytham.
Whittakers Foundation Day 2016 
Whittaker's Dance and Drama School - 26th June 2016

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Marija - Children of the Fylde 
Park View - Lytham
Eva & Harry - Children of the Fylde 
The Model Village - Blackpool
Melanie Lee - Children of the Fylde 
Meet Jack
Beth's Birthday 
Beth's Birthday Party AND Pillow Fight!!!
Helen Grimshaw - Olivia's `Forget Me Not Shoot 
19th February, 2016 at the fabulous Ribby Hall Venue
Rowan's Children of the Fylde Photos 
Parkview, Lytham
Florence and her mate Otto!! 
Lytham Green
Connor's Ramp City Photos 
Children of the Fylde - Ramp City
Caitlyn's Frozen Shoot 
19th February, 2016 at the fabulous Ribby Hall Venue
Sienna, Ebony & Evan