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Bumps & Babies

Bump Shoots

Why not celebrate looking `blooming marvellous`. The mood of the shoot can be styled to however you’d like it. We can make it fun and light-hearted, floral and natural, wispy and ethereal. We can include your partner and children…….anything is possible (nearly). The most important thing is that you take the opportunity to record this truly wonderful time of your life. Carrying a baby is one of the most beautiful experiences you will have. With our experience we promise to accentuate your beauty and produce images that you will always treasure. The session itself usually lasts up to an hour, however we always allow for 90mins. We will discuss at length your preferred style and any `vision` you might have of the look you’d like to go for. We are happy to start this process ahead of the shoot and use photos from our previous shoots and seek inspiration from others using  `Pinterest` ideas etc.

We like to book the shoot for around week 35-36.

Above all, we want it to be a fun, relaxing experience for you. We will never ask you to do anything that you are not entirely happy with – that’s a promise!

£45 including a 7x5 inch framed print





“I’m Here” – Newborn Shoot

Probably the most beautiful thing in the world – a new born baby. Ideally captured within their first two weeks, these are the most incredible images you will have of your child. Truly fleeting days, with those tiny hands, wrinkly little feet and perfect nose.

You will have seen a variety of styles and settings for newborn photography. From very natural shots using soft blankets and simple wraps to more stylised themes, using cute baby props like teddy bears and ballet tutu’s. Whichever is your preference, we can do it here at Creative Portraits.

We allow up to 3 hours for our newborn sessions. Typically they last somewhere between one and two hours, however this is one shoot we never rush. Nappy changes, feeds and tantrums are the order of the day and we are fully prepared. We just think of it as time for a quick brew and a chat!

£75 including a framed A4 print.

“I’m Sitting Up” – 6m Shoot

Around about 6 months old, baby will decide that laying down staring at the ceiling is no longer good enough and they will sit up instead. At this point we have a lot more options for poses with baby. It is also an excellent opportunity to involve Mum & Dad and Grandparents and Pets. Baby’s first family shoot can be combined with a few of them on their own to ensure they continue to feel special.

The shoot usually lasts around 45mins.

£35 including a framed 7x5 inch  print

“It’s MY Birthday” – 1yr Cake Smash

Time for a bit of fun………if you haven’t heard of Cake Smash Photoshoots until now, they will soon be on every mum’s list of `must haves`.

What better way to celebrate your 1 year old’s birthday than to capture them having fun `exploring` their birthday cake. Watch their faces as they discover the texture, taste and joy of messing with a cake.

Of course we’ll spend a little time at the start of the shoot, whilst they are clean, to take some lovely portraits of your child. It’s a great opportunity for a family shot including brothers and sisters or their best friend.

We usually theme the shoot with simple bunting, balloons and coloured backdrops. If you would like to discuss themes, we can work on that together too.

We ask that you provide the cake as you know their favourite colours, flavours and importantly intolerances etc.

The shoots usually last around an hour.

£45 including a framed 7x5 inch print



First Year Packages

One thing is for certain; your baby’s first year will be over in a flash. The changes they go through can be seen in weeks if not days. That is why we have put together two packages. Both plans include the `Newborn`, `I’m Crawling` and `1st Birthday Cake Smash`. You also have the option is to include the `Maternity/Bump` session.


         PACKAGE 1                                                              PACKAGE 2

  • Maternity/Bump Shoot
  • I’m Here! – Newborn Shoot
  • I’m Sitting Up – 6m Shoot
  • It’s My 1st Birthday – 12m Shoot

       £175  (Saving £25)

  • I’m Here! – Newborn Shoot
  • I’m Sitting Up – 6m Shoot
  • It’s My 1st Birthday – 12m Shoot

      £140  (Saving £15)



Our Promise

We will always offer fair, competitive and open pricing. We will not give you `too good to be true` offers to tempt you into the studio and then surprise you with hidden extras or catches which will leave you with a bitter taste.

The reason is, we want you back AND we want you to tell your family and friends. In today’s `social media world` recommendations are the best form of advertising. Reputations are difficult to build and very easy to lose.

We have a fabulous reputation at the moment and it is my intention to keep it that way.

We don’t want new customers, we want new friends